Thinking about creating animated blog entries

I think that dictation is starting now and I'm trying to get the feel for it.

I'm obviously trying to keep track of way too much information I've got emails that are getting piled up that I can't read I've got tasks that have aged into uselessness And somehow I've got to get on top of all this and get some stuff done

I spent quite a bit of time setting up my blog and making sure that it's got the latest updates and current security features.

That took a little longer than I meant it too but it's ready.

there still a list of tasks that I have yet to get to that probably should be stored on the Azure DevOps site

One of the things I've got on my list that I really wanted to do was to create a few slides for Mark Russinovich that show how blockchain hashes are computed so that it makes sense why one block can lock down any block that came before it.

I'm not sure I'm loving the dictation part I still must go back and edit and it's throwing my flow a little bit.

I don't think I'm so much a natural talker without somebody to listen to me.

That said maybe this is just something that is going to take a little bit of getting used to in some practice.

I do know that I'm able to communicate very well to a person in the room with me how technology works and maybe that's what I need to focus on here

Or do I need to start recording my voice and have that be a part of what goes into a blog? Maybe some audio video thing with animation. Not so much video, I think.

I want to do more like the style that 3 Brown 1 Blue does for his mathematical sites.

There's probably a script though that he uses and so I'm probably going to need to create a script for these sorts of animated blog videos.


Note that the above dictated entry needed a fair amount of editing and correction. I might be able to type nearly as fast when I must think about what needs to be said.


Alan McBee

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