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UPDATE 2018-11-09: These complaints have been resolved, some time ago. I doubt very much that my blog post had anything to do with it.


I got a few congratulatory messages via LinkedIn, and I thought I’d go through and archive some older messages.

Something is a little off with that experience. I started with the message at the top, and then selected the icon to “archive” that message.

Normally, I would expect the next message just below the one I archived to be the next message that gets selected and displayed in the preview window.

That is not the case for LinkedIn. It jumps down to the 7th message below the one I had archived, and displays it.



This made no sense.

But things happen with applications all the time that make no sense. That’s why I have a job.

But I do expect that I should be able to easily tell someone about it.

Nowhere on the page is there an obvious way to let someone know that the web site is making it unnecessarily tougher for me to do simple things.

There’s a sort of footer area:


I suppose I could try poking around the Help Center?

But if you know that applications do things all the time that make no sense, wouldn’t you want to know about your own web site doing something that didn’t make sense right away?

Perhaps they tried a “Feedback” link and what happened was that everyone tried to use it to get support using the site, which is clearly what the “Help Center” link was intended to provide.

I hope someone at LinkedIn knows about this weird behavior, already, because I’m not going to take the time to track down the Feedback link to report it. If I ever find it, I will give them a link to this blog post.


Alan McBee

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