New Azure Service Fabric Application Project

Using Visual Studio 2015, with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric SDK and Tools v 2.3.301 (VS2015).


  • New Project
    • Templates / Visual C# / Cloud → Service Fabric Application
      Name ::= {application-name}
      • Stateless Service
        Name ::= {service-name}

Produces a solution with two projects, one named {application-name} and the other {service-name}.

The {application-name} project is clearly something specifically for Azure. It has these folders:

  • Services
  • ApplicationPackageRoot
  • ApplicationParameters
  • PublishProfiles
  • Scripts

I believe Services is a like a References folder.

The next three folders contain XML files which must be used for configuration and deployment.

The Scripts folder contains a PowerShell script.

The {service-name} project is a C# Console Application. It has, in addition to the Properties and References folders, a folder called PackageRoot. This folder contains XML files, which I would also suppose are used for configuration and deployment.

When the project is created, Visual Studio displays this page:


Alan McBee

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